*snugs you all*

Even though I left you all weeks ago, I've think I was the second non-mod to join this community and even after I left, I still felt a huge part of this community. I've really enjoyed playing with all of you and it's sad to see it close. I always planned to return if things picked back, so I'm sad to hear it's closing (especially since I had a feeling this would happen, now I regret not sticking around and being here until the end).

Erica, Sara: I adore you both. PB was the first ever game that I didn't have to run myself that was so well-organized and with such good players. I'm sad that I don't get to play with Sara anymore, but I at least have you, my little Erica.

To everyone else: I have immensely missed playing with all of you (along with those who left before me) and I would love to play with all of you again. If the mods don't mind, I would gladly give you all game rec's if you want some Jenn RP love. 

And finally Erica M. and Kat: You two have been the ones I've missed the most and I've been stalking this game just to read your threads. I'll miss reading your guys' awesomeness.

R.I.P. PB, you'll always be dear in my heart.


Summary: August 15, 2000 through August 21, 2000

Quidditch opens with another game of United Vs. Harpies. Ginny sends out invites to her housewarming party.

Percy makes a change in occupation. Melinda stops in the Leaky for a drink and runs into Lavender.

Lavender has set up some items at Madam Malkin's and runs into Percy. Seamus goes home to to Ireland for awhile.

Flourish and Blotts holds a book drive for the library. The victory party at the 3Bs brings everyone together again.

Summary: August 8, 2000 through August 14, 2000

Cho lets the news of Athena's death get to her. The aftermath of the Werewolf attack left many in the hospital, including Ron, who had visits from Percy, Ginny and Hermione. The Daily Prophet reports about the robbery at the Junk Shop. The rift between Hermione and Draco widens.

Cho lets her inner warrior out. Seamus listens to his parents discuss his 'condition' Harry finds himself still stuck at St. Mungo's. Sam works on cleaning up the Junk Shop and finds an injured owl while Melinda writes a song about Athena's death. An angry Rosie visits her friend's gravesite. For her birthday, Ginny looks for a new place to live.

Ron sends some owls to Ginny, Hermione and Neville. Ron and Neville discuss a victory drink, which he sends owls about the next day. Dennis invites Orla to go with him to Neville's party and Ron and Hermione do karaoke? The Prophet reports on a man who died under unusual circumstances. Sam goes to see Seamus at the hospital. Cho strolls around Diagon, alone with her thoughts.


I just want to say that I'm very impressed with pb_hermione . She's working with a lot of backstory, a lot of limits, and has done a phenomenal job of making the character her own, of bringing the story arc into a direction she wants to take it. Bravo, my dear.

Summary: August 1, 2000 through August 7, 2000

Rosmerta and the Three Broomsticks are surprisingly busy, so busy in fact, Rosie's running out of mint. Hermione forgets her sweater and runs to Grimmauld Places to get it from Harry. However, she runs into Ron. Blaise reads about Pansy's misfortune and writes her an owl.

Lee sends owls about attending the Quidditch season opening game. The full moon rises and there is a massive werewolf attack in Diagon and Knocktun Alley. During the attack Dennis attempts to protect Orla, but is tossed over the bar and knocked unconscious. Orla takes him to St. Mungo's for treatment, stopping to collect his parents along the way. The Daily Prophet reports on the attack, listing one of the dead.

Summary: July 11, 200 through July 17, 2000

After sending Harry an owl about meeting up for lunch soon, Hermione spend some time at the Leaky Cauldron for a late night snack. Katie and George discover the trick to the clock Lee sent. Ginny hits up the junk shop and runs into Seamus and his dance party. Ron writes to Megan.

Harry has lunch with Hermione and dinner with Ginny. The Prophet reports about the latest robbery in Knockturn Alley. Rosie celebrates Bastille Day and tries to give some advise to Ron, while Tracey is there celebrating her birthday and catching up with Blaise. Ginny approaches Molly about moving out of the Burrow. The body of one Abigail 'Almude' Bobbin is found, splinched in half.

Melinda receives condolences from Ian (while at work), Blaise (in the mail) as well as from Susan, who also sends an owl to Tracey for her birthday. Percy and workers at the SOF office discuss politics. Sam tries to find Fenrir from reports from the paper and runs into Blaise. Susan and Melinda go in search Hannah to possible discuss Restricted Section playing at the Leaky.

Summary: July 4, 2000 through July 10, 2000

Cho spends some time with her father not doing what she thought she would be doing. Melinda receives a less than joyious recpetion when she goes to the Slugg and Jiggers to offer help after news of the break-in. An unidentified male body was found split in half in Whilshire.

While Cho reflects on the approaching Hungry Ghosts Festival, Percy and Ron make plans to meet up the following day. Seamus' talk about the junk shop inspires Lee. Daphne has Neville over to her room at the Three Broomsticks to install a window box. Hannah spends her day off at the Leaky. Athena wakes from a dream and watches Charlie sleep. Susan brings some goodies to Melinda and discovers her friend's been injured. Ron finally moves in with Harry.

Rosie takes a nap and dreams of little Rosies. dennis watches George and Gracie during his lunch break at the Reserve. Cho thinks of ghosts and the dead on the seventh.

Hermione tells Draco she saw Ron the other day, tension mounts. Lee sends off a clock, a screaming clock, to George and Katie for a house warming gift. Cho and her father help Percy become more involved with the traditional marriage reception. Rogue werewolves being to take their toll on Rabastan and Rodolphus.
that was such a high

Summary: June 27, 2000 through July 3, 2000

Dennis and Orla spend some time together when she visits the Creevey Creamery. Lee takes Mandy out for sushi. Hermione and Neville run into each other at the Willow Tree bookshop.

Theo goes back to work and Daphne joins him to learn about Sins of the Father. Percy brings home a surprise to his little family. Tracey and Oliver escape the city for a while. Hermione and Ron have an awkward interaction.